Learn More About Me

As a lawyer, I believe the right legal education is the foundation of a successful law practice. But passing the Bar is just the first step. People who need an attorney deserve more than a certificate hanging on the wall. Experience is gained by applying hands-on knowledge of the legal process over many years.

A successful attorney-client relationship begins with trust — and that begins by learning more about each other. This is why I offer a free consultation to discuss your objectives. Before you call to schedule an appointment, though, I invite you to learn more about my credentials and experience.

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What To Expect At The Free Initial Consultation

At your first consultation, you can expect to speak directly with me. You won't be passed off to a case worker. Together, we will discuss your situation, your concerns, your goals and your legal options.

If you have a personal injury case, we will also look at the police report, available insurance policies and your available coverage. In addition, we will discuss ways to get you the medical treatment you need right away.

If you have a workers' compensation case, we will look at procedural requirements such as timely reporting of the injury, light duty job offers, the statute of limitations and other issues that may affect your claim.

If you are going through divorce, we will talk about whether your case is contested or uncontested and the requirements when minor children are born in the marriage. (In these cases, the first consultation is by telephone so I can quickly answer your questions and explain the process.)

To schedule your free consultation with me, call Steven L. Morgan, P.C., in Brunswick, Georgia, at 912-289-0640. You can also use the convenient email contact form to request a return phone call.