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Mining workers face fire dangers

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Mineworkers in Georgia may be concerned about their safety on the job, especially due to the danger posed by fires in confined spaces like the underground tunnels used in mining. These areas may be especially susceptible to the effects of toxic gases or malfunctioning equipment, and a lack of access to ventilation may make fire spread more rapidly. Therefore, workplace safety for miners includes a significant amount of attention to fire protection and tunnel safety. The federal Mine Safety and Health Administration creates standards for safety inside mines, including fire prevention and extinguishing technologies.

Mine accidents may be particularly dangerous or even deadly because of the potential for explosion due to the presence of methane and other gases in a mining tunnel. These areas often have limited opportunities for evacuation, putting mineworkers at serious risk in the event of a workplace accident. Mine operators have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for workers as well as proper training and equipment that may help to mitigate the danger. Personal protective equipment can help workers to survive, while fire suppression systems can help to exterminate the blaze itself.

Employers operating mining tunnels must make sure that the equipment they use meets federal workplace safety standards. Conveyor belts underground can produce smoke and toxic gases, so ventilation is critical to protect workers’ health. In addition, workers must receive adequate training to respond to emergencies and accidents on the job. Workers placed in a mine with insufficient training may be at particularly high risk for catastrophic injuries or even fatalities.

The importance of working with an experienced local attorney

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