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Reporting on-the-job illness and injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Employers in Georgia and across the country are responsible to report injuries and illnesses their employees experience while on the job. However, smaller injuries do not need to be reported. For example, if the injury or illness can be treated with simple first aid and does not cause the employee to miss work, the employer would not have to record it.

A number of factors determine which on-the-job injuries employers are required to report. If the injury or illness causes an employee to lose consciousness, be transferred to another position or be restricted in the work he or she can do, the employer must record this on Form 300 of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Other factors are not so clear-cut and can leave employers confused about which work-related injury or illness should be reported. Some of those scenarios may involve seasonal employees who were sick or injured while working, employees who fainted while working and employees who were injured while on a business-related trip. Employers need to know which type of injuries or illnesses should be recorded, not only because they can face significant penalties for not doing so but also to ensure the well-being their employees.

Serious workplace injuries and illnesses can lead to significant lost wages and unpaid medical bills. An employee who suffers a workplace injury or illness may exercise their right to file for workers’ compensation benefits to help offset a portion of their losses. Sometimes, however, employers are unwilling to help employees file for the benefits.

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