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Defusing road rage

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Car Accidents

Drivers in Georgia will want to be on guard against road rage, both in themselves and in others, and so they should know some of the ways to avoid it and defuse it when it arises. It all starts with drivers knowing what sort of things keep them calm. For some, it’s playing classical music, for example.

Drivers should reason with themselves and say that their anger will not help them reach their destination any quicker. They should also tell themselves that gripping the steering wheel will only give them a headache later on as it constricts blood flow.

Defusing road rage in others starts with avoiding inflammatory gestures. If someone cuts them off, drivers should not provoke the offender by honking the horn, flashing the headlights or making hand gestures. Other times, it would be wrong to so much as look at the offender, as eye contact can be taken as a challenge.

Those who are going too slow for a driver’s liking should change lanes. They should do so, however, without slowing down or speeding up. Also, it’s important to be courteous in parking lots and not to get upset when parking spots are taken before one’s own eyes. Perhaps that driver did not see that another was aiming for it.

Road rage and aggressive driving in general can lead to accidents and, by extension, personal injury claims. Proving negligence and negotiating for a fair settlement can be hard, though, even for those who are not at fault. Legal representation may be helpful.

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