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How to use machines safely

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Each year, 18,000 people in Georgia and throughout the United States are hurt by the machines that they use. Injuries typically occur because equipment was being used improperly or because it was not properly maintained. Take a look at what both you and your employer can do to reduce the risk of workplace injuries caused by machines.

Machines can be equipped with fixed or adjustable guards

The use of a fixed or adjustable guard can prevent you from coming into contact with a flywheel, fan blade or other moving part. These guards are permanently attached to a machine, which means that they have to be taken apart before they are moved, cleaned or inspected. Ideally, your employer will provide training to ensure that adjustable guards are properly locked into place before a machine is turned on.

Interlocking guards can be an effective alternative

Interlocking guards are easy to open when you need to access a machine to clean or maintain it. When the guard is opened, it will cut the power to the machine that it was designated to protect. This minimizes the chances that your body or clothing will get caught in a moving part.

Other steps to help you stay safe at work

While guarding a machine can help to keep you safe, there are other easy steps that you can take to minimize your injury risk at work. For instance, you should be sure to stay away from machines that are defective or that aren’t properly guarded. Furthermore, it is important to never remove a guard from a machine while it is moving or without proper authorization. Following cleaning and other procedures can also prevent you from getting hurt while on the job.

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