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Safety is imperative when dealing with electrical equipment

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Employers want their workers to utilize all safety measures when on the job, especially when they are working around electricity. Staying out of the line of fire is vital for true safety on the job. Workers compensation case records in Georgia and throughout the country have historically shown that as little as 50 volts can result in death when the worker becomes connected to the energy source. Here are a few basic steps that all workers should following when working around power on any level.

Stay out of the line of fire

The first concern when working around electricity is staying disconnected from the energy source. Always use grounding cables when available or applicable if the energy source cannot be disconnected through the breaker system. Make sure all insulation measures are taken as well. Do not become part of the circuit in any manner.

Disengage the power source at the circuit breaker

It is always important to kill the flow of energy to the particular component being repaired or modified. This can be done at the closet point to the target area or at the main breaker to the entire system. Most power service sources will have both a main kill switch and individual circuit kill switches as well.

Take emergency measures when an accident happens

The most common problem when working with electricity is fire. Many times, merely flipping an energy source power switch will stop a fire, but fire extinguishers may be necessary in certain instances. Always have someone on the job who is experienced in handling fire extinguishing equipment, and be quick to implement emergency action if needed. Stay alert at all times.

It may be helpful to file a workers compensation claim after consulting with an experienced workers compensation attorney in Georgia. Claims are often more valuable than the injured worker realizes.