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Music over 120BPM has an impact on driving

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Car Accidents

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about the risks people take while driving. They drive while intoxicated, while they’re fatigued and while they’re too young and inexperienced to drive safely. But have you ever thought about someone who is listening to music as a dangerous driver?

If you haven’t, it’s probably because this is something that almost everyone does. Odds are that, if you drove already today, you already did it. If not, it’s a virtual guarantee that you’ve done it in your life. Nothing is more common and most people think it’s not a problem. 

But it does change how we drive. When looking at speed, for instance, those who listened to music that was set at 120 beats per minute — or faster — tended to drive 10 miles per hour faster than those who listened to slow music or who drove in a silent car. The next time you see someone speeding dangerously, it could just be that they have the radio on. 

Speed also leads to lane changes as drivers attempt to pass slower cars. With slow music or silence, the average driver went through 70 lane changes in a simulation. With fast music, that doubled to 140 lane changes. Not only does this reflect how fast they’re going, but lane changes increase accident risks all on their own. 

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