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Workers’ compensation denied? Fight for your benefits at a hearing

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

When you were injured at work, you immediately knew that this wouldn’t be an easy recovery. You had serious burns and complications from what you’ve been through. 

Soon after you were hospitalized, you had someone reach out to your employer to talk about making a workers’ compensation claim. They assured you that you would receive help. That’s why you were shocked by the denial letter that you received later. 

What happens when workers’ compensation is denied?

When workers’ compensation is denied, it is your right to appeal that decision. If you want to appeal, you have to request a hearing with an administrative law judge with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation within the allowable time frame. You cannot afford to delay — otherwise, you could lose your right to benefits for good.

It’s time to talk to an attorney about the next steps you should take. You may need to review the reasons for the denial and focus on overcoming them. You may need to gather evidence for the hearing. During the hearing, there may be witnesses called, and your evidence may be reviewed by the judge. This is very similar to a trial, so it’s important that you are able to show how your workplace accident has left you with serious injuries and complications that will take a while to heal. It’s your attorney’s job to help you show that this is a work-related injury and that you deserve the coverage that you were previously denied.

When you’re struggling with an unfair worker’s compensation denial, don’t take chances. Talk to an attorney who cares. At our firm, we take care of our clients. Steven Morgan is a local attorney and will work with you directly to help you learn more about your legal rights. Contact the firm today at 912-289-0640