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Why you should get legal help when filing a car insurance claim

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Car Accidents

It has never been easier than it is right now to file a car insurance claim. You don’t even have to talk to someone on the phone or wait for an adjuster to read a police report anymore. You can potentially submit documentation directly from your phone without ever interacting with another person.

However, just because insurance companies have made it easier to initiate a claim, that doesn’t mean that negotiating with them is easy. Anyone dealing with a major insurance claim because of medical costs or extreme damage to a vehicle after a car crash will probably benefit from getting legal assistance with handling insurance negotiations.

Early settlement offers can set you up for future losses

If it’s the first time you’ve had a major medical issue after a car crash, you may not understand the long-term implications. When the insurance company offers what seems like a reasonable settlement, you may eagerly accept it so that you can pay your medical bills and your household bills if you haven’t been working.

Settlement offers are often strategically lower than what the insurance company could have to pay. If you don’t know all of the future costs for your condition yet, accepting an offer now could leave you without any options for compensation later.

It can be hard to focus on paperwork when dealing with pain

Physical pain can make it hard to focus, reduce your motivation to fight for what you deserve and alter your emotional reaction to situations. Trying to handle insurance negotiations while recovering from an injury could mean overreacting and losing your cool or getting manipulated by someone else.

Whether you have pain or are on prescription medication after a crash, having someone else negotiate on your behalf reduces the likelihood of your medical condition or medication leading to bad decisions with long-term financial consequences. A lawyer also better understands your statutory rights, the terms of the insurance policy and the long-term financial costs of your injury.

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