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Fall prevention systems: What you should know

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

When you hear about fall dangers, which workers do you think about being most susceptible to having such an incident happen to them? If you think about construction workers, roofers, gutter cleaners, electricians or cable television installers, then your concerns are rightfully placed. 

Many of these workers use a combination of fall arrest systems and fall preventions measures to prevent serious injury or death in a fall. While these systems are often effective, nothing is ever 100% foolproof. 

How fall arrest systems function

These may take on the form of harnesses, ropes or beam systems, all of which can be used in conjunction with each other to build an adequate fall arrest system.  

The main goal of these systems is to stop someone from suffering a serious injury when it seems like a fall is inevitable. The logic behind the use of fall arrest systems is that a worker might suffer fewer injuries if their fall is “cut short,” as opposed to falling a more significant distance to a hard surface down below. 

How fall prevention systems operate

The distinguishing detail between a fall prevention system and a fall arrest system is that the former aims to ensure that a fall doesn’t occur at all. One example of this is railing. Workers who maintain a safe distance behind a barrier, for example, may significantly reduce their fall risk. Installing these is often impractical in most situations, which is why fall arrest systems are relied upon more heavily.

Help for injured workers

Falls tend to result in catastrophic injuries such as blunt force trauma or spinal cord damage that can leave you unable to work for a long time — if ever. It’s important to fully explore your rights to workers’ compensation in Georgia if you’ve been injured. During this trying time, work with a local attorney who really cares about your future. Reach Steven Morgan at 912-289-0640 or by email using our contact form for the personal service your claim deserves.