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What benefits do dependents receive after a worker dies on the job?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Most workers in Georgia go to work and then come home every day with nothing unusual happening. However, some workers get into major accidents on the job that leave them with injuries. And an even smaller number of workers may suffer a fatal injury on the job.

If your loved one recently fell while working on a building or got into a car crash while driving for work, you may feel completely overwhelmed by grief. It is normal for people to struggle shortly after such an unexpected and tragic loss. Although nothing can bring back what you have lost, there are certain systems in place that can help minimize the long-term consequences your family has to suffer.

Specifically, Georgia workers’ compensation can provide your family with death benefits. What kind of benefits can you expect to receive if you file a claim?

Funeral and burial expenses benefits

Workers’ compensation will cover reasonable expenses associated with funeral services, cremations and burial. Currently, the benefit will cover up to $7,500 worth of funeral and burial expenses.

Income benefits for surviving family members

The surviving dependent family members of someone who dies on the job can claim approximately the same benefits that the worker would have received if they had survived. Workers’ compensation will provide weekly payments to the surviving family members, up to a maximum benefit amount. Unfortunately, the benefit will not cover all of your loved one’s lost income, but only up to two-thirds of what they made in an average week, as long as that does not exceed the state maximum benefit.

Medical benefits for any treatment your loved one required

Sometimes, workers have to take a very expensive trip by ambulance or helicopter for trauma care. They may undergo surgery or spend a week on life support. Those expenses could be far more than your family could reasonably repay.

Thankfully, workers’ compensation will typically cover all of the medical expenses incurred by a deceased worker after an injury on the job. Learning about the workers’ compensation death benefits in Georgia can help you protect your family after a recent loss. Experienced workers’ comp attorney Steven Morgan can assist during this sensitive time. Call 912-289-0640 or reach out to him online.