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Can workers’ comp pay for emergency room visits?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation will cover necessary medical treatment if you get hurt on the job. However, the rules for workers in Georgia do somewhat limit your options. 

You have to report your injury or diagnosis to your employer and follow the claims process in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Part of your responsibility as a worker making a claim will be to comply with the rules of the program. These rules include deferring to your employer’s choice about which medical professionals you see. 

Employers pick the professionals treating a worker

In general, your employer is usually the one who gets to choose the physician that manages your medical care. They may provide you with a list of medical professionals or even post a list of options in your workplace. Typically, you have to see an approved physician for workers’ compensation to cover your costs. Does that mean that Georgia workers’ compensation will not cover your emergency room visit? 

Emergency care is the main exception to the usual rule

Although your employers typically have control over what professionals provide your care based on their workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you can’t always defer to their preferences or stop to ask for clarification when you need immediate care after an injury.

State law does allow workers to receive emergency medical care for a work required medical condition with any physician. However, after they receive the necessary trauma care or the medical facility stabilizes their condition, the worker will typically need to receive ongoing treatment from an approved professional or facility. 

Knowing your rights, including the right to seek emergency care at the closest safe facility, can make a workers’ compensation claim a bit less challenging. If you are having trouble with your workers’ comp claim, remember that help is available.