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2 ways businesses add to visitors’ risk of a slip-and-fall

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

Businesses generally want to limit their liability, but sometimes managers make decisions that increase liability instead of reducing it. There are several company operation decisions that may lead to an increased risk of someone slipping and falling while visiting the business. 

In Georgia, if an individual can show that negligence played a causative role in their injury at a business, they may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit or an insurance claim. Unfortunately, businesses often actually increase the odds of that happening through specific mistakes. For example:

They don’t have enough staff on hand

Intentional understaffing is common in businesses ranging from hotels and restaurants to retail establishments. When there aren’t enough workers on the clock, staff members may wind up spreading too thin to address issues like spills caused by customers or puddles at the front door as the result of a rainstorm. 

They delay facility maintenance

Whether there is a leak in the roof that causes water incursion whenever it rains or there is an issue with the shelving unit that keeps spilling items out onto the floor, a business needs to take timely action to address defects and maintenance issues that will compromise visitor safety. The longer a company delays crucial maintenance, the more likely it is that a customer might suffer the consequences. 

If you can show that improper maintenance or inadequate staffing played a direct role in your slip-and-fall incident, you may have the beginnings of a premises liability claim. Understanding how businesses contribute to customers’ slip-and-fall injuries and how they may be liable for your losses will help you better protect yourself when you get hurt.