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Does it matter which doctor I see after a work injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

If you get hurt at work, you are likely considering filing a workers’ compensation claim. Most companies in Georgia provide legally-required coverage for their employees as both a work benefit and a means of protecting the company from liability.

Workers’ compensation can replace a worker’s lost wages while they are unable to work as they recover. As part of workers’ compensation, workers can also receive medical benefits that will pay for their treatments for work-related medical conditions. However, you’ll need to know which doctor to see in order to receive the coverage to which you’re entitled. If you see a doctor who is unapproved, you may miss out on valuable compensation. What do injured workers need to know?

Your employer provides your options

With the exception of an emergency situation wherein a worker must go to the closest open medical facility for immediate trauma care, workers who want to take advantage of coverage available through workers’ compensation in Georgia will need to see a physician recommended by their employer.

Employers should provide a panel of physicians that workers can choose from if they require treatment. That could mean that a worker can review a list of at least six doctors who are reasonably accessible given their location and needs.

Some companies instead provide information about the Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization that provides medical services. That organization will then reach out to injured workers who have reported medical issues to their employers to help them schedule an appointment with a physician that cooperates with the program.

Typically, as long as you seek treatment through the appropriate channels, you can expect workers’ compensation to fully cover your treatment costs until you are able to return to work or achieve maximum medical improvements for your condition.

Communication with your employer is crucial

Obviously, you need to communicate with your employer to obtain information about the Managed Care Organization that will provide your treatment or to get a list of physicians. You’ll also need to notify your employer after your diagnosis with a work-related medical condition or as soon as possible after a specific incident leaves you injured. Learning more about the rules that apply to the medical care provided through workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia can help employees obtain the benefits they deserve and are entitled to.