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Protecting Your Rights When Conflict Arises

There are only two ways to get through the divorce process. One way is to understand nobody is going to come out ahead in the final divorce judgment. Marriage is a social contract, and divorce is the legal process of formally dissolving the agreement between the parties. Both spouses will receive equal protection under the law.

The other way is to get tied up in knots fighting over family law issues like the division of marital property, custody and visitation rights, and spousal maintenance. The courts expect parties to try to resolve their disputes through negotiations and mediation. It isn’t always possible.

A hallmark of my law practice is that I remain accessible and available to talk directly with my clients whenever they need me.

I am Georgia family law attorney Steven Morgan of Brunswick, Georgia. I work hard to help my clients understand fighting over the furniture or an extra few dollars in alimony is never worth the time, money or aggravation in the long run. But sometimes the other party isn’t ready to stop fighting. When a court battle is necessary to protect your rights, you will never find a lawyer more prepared to win.

Pay A Single Fee Upfront, And We Will Never Talk About Money Again

Many people forget their divorce isn’t really final until the last lawyer bill is paid. That is why I represent many clients in contested divorce cases on a prearranged, flat fee basis. We discuss the issues on the table and the best approach for resolving them through negotiations, mediation or trial, if necessary.

You pay the agreed-upon fee upfront, and we will never talk about money again.

You get the benefit of an experienced trial lawyer who will handle every detail of your case. You also get the advantage of making the right decisions without concerns about running up additional legal costs.

If you live in Glynn County or South Georgia and are considering filing for divorce, my advice is to try to resolve as many issues as you can over your kitchen table. But if you have disputes that can’t be resolved, it makes sense to arrange a free consultation to get your questions answered.

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No matter where you are in the divorce process, I am ready to help. Call my office in Brunswick at 912-289-0640 or send an email with a brief description of your contested issues you are facing with your spouse. I offer a free consultation to review your case, explain your options and set a fixed fee.