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Pursuing Your Goals While Working Toward A Negotiated Settlement

Family law judges in Glynn County and nearby counties in South Georgia expect divorcing spouses and their lawyers to settle as many disputed issues as possible through pretrial settlement and mediation. Lawyers for the parties are expected to work toward a negotiated settlement that will be presented to the court for final approval (adjudication) to be handed down as the final divorce judgment. Trial only becomes necessary for the most contested disputes that cannot be worked out in a negotiated settlement.

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Common-Sense Flat Fees For Common-Sense Uncontested Divorce Settlements

If you live in Glynn County, or anywhere in South Georgia, call Steven L. Morgan, P.C., in Brunswick. I am an experienced Georgia family law attorney who understands the family law process and can help you resolve any issues still remaining on the table. I offer affordable flat fees for uncontested divorces. After we review your case in a free consultation, we will agree on a retainer. We will never talk about money again.

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Even if you have some issues that still need to be resolved, start by calling my office for a free consultation and get your questions answered. Call 912-289-0640 or use the email contact form to arrange a telephone appointment.