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If you live or work in Georgia and your doctor has signed off that you have reached maximum medical recovery (MMR), leaving you with a partial or total disability, you have the right to negotiate with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider for a lump-sum settlement.

Why Not Take The Workers’ Compensation Settlement They Offer?

The insurance adjuster will offer a quick, low settlement. The insurance company hopes, of course, that you will accept the check and sign away your right to claim additional benefits at a later date. An experienced workers compensation lawyer will investigate the full extent of the disability and the financial damages you should expect over the course of your lifetime. In most cases, the lump-sum settlement or lifetime indemnity payments are significantly higher than the initial settlement offer.

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer To Help You Get A Fair Lump-Sum Payment

If you live in Glynn County or nearby county in South Georgia and are in position to negotiate a settlement for your workers’ compensation claim, call my office in Brunswick. I have extensive experience in all areas of Georgia workers’ compensation benefits. I understand Georgia worker’s compensation law and can determine the full and fair amount you should be seeking. I am a tough negotiator and not afraid to take your case to trial, if the insurance company won’t negotiate in good faith.

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